• Alaska PCM Ice Pack
    • Alaska PCM Ice Pack

    Alaska PCM Ice Pack

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    Size:  9.25" x 7.5" x 1"

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    It's NICE when you don't need ICE!

    Polar Bear PCM's (Phase Change Material) High Performance industrial ice packs keep you chillin' and keep the ice from spillin'! This heavy duty reusable ice pack is colder that ice and in many cases last longer when housed in the superior insulated Polar Bear Cooler. You don't have to have a melt down every time you need to break out your Polar Bear Cooler, just place the PBC ice packs around the contents in your cooler and chill out!  We recommend 2 for 12-Pack Coolers, 4 for 24-Pack Coolers and Backpack Coolers - and 8 for the 48-Pack Polar Bear Coolers. Once you feel the chill and convenience of use from our iceless ice packs, you'll never go back! Some things are just better simplified! Polar Bear Coolers - you're only as good as your gear!
     The Alaskan PCM freezes at 33.8°F and can efficiently keep food or drinks cold without risk of freezing and is reusable for years. The active ingredients are non-toxic and housed in a rugged container designed to provide maximum surface area to increase the efficiency at which they cool. In several tests, Alaskan PCM have maintained food-safe temperatures for hours, even days without the risk of freezing. When finished using, simply store in freezer until needed again. Freeze the Alaskan PCM panels in any freezer 6-8 hours prior to use. Alaskan PCMs can also be used in combination with ice to extend the life of ice up to 50%. Alaskan PCMs are top rack dishwasher safe! 
    There are great opportunities available with the Polar Bear Cooler line. Polar Bear Coolers are the highest quality soft coolers made and our success over the years just goes to show that if you give someone a quality product at a fair price, they will remember you for it. The fan mail speaks for itself. Apply For Wholesale