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In the world of keeping cool, you are only as good as your gear. Duration is the name of the game, and no matter what your game is, you can count on the Polar Bear Hard Coolers to get you there. Tough, rugged and durable, Nothing Keeps Cool Like a Polar Bear! We went the extra mile in developing the Polar Bear Hard Cooler line. We built value in to every part from top to bottom. Value we knew you would appreciate, at a price that you can afford. Because for us, it’s not a game unless you win! If this sounds like your game plan, then the Polar Bear Hard Cooler is the cooler you have been waiting for. Not just bear proof – Polar Bear Proof

  • Double barrel rubber t-grip latches
  • Smooth opening triple hinge lid
  • 5 day Insulation Sensation
  • Rubber pads for ultimate skid proof stability
  • 1.25” rubber gasket drain plug
  • Steel lock down plates that double as bottle openers
  • High performance air tight gasket
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